• Two ingredients. Nothing else.

    Great-tasting, smooth, top shelf
    quality rye vodka, distilled in small batches. It is vodka worth sipping, no dressing up or watering down required. Made from just two ingredients - ancient non-GMO rye and mineral-rich, mountain spring water filtered for centuries deep
    beneath the Austrian Alps.

  • Unique Eco-friendly Packaging

    Easy on the eyes with a shatterproof barrel design that keeps vodka cold for up to six hours. Our lightweight, portable and unbreakable barrel is the perfect addition to your next hiking, skiing, pool or beachside adventure. NEFT’s barrel can go anywhere you want to go and everywhere glass can’t, and it’s recyclable! 

  • The World's Best Vodka

    Recognized by the industry's best. Our award winning spirit continues to be the pour of the town. Awarded 98 Points from The Tasting Panel and Best Vodka at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.